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At Dahl Unlimited Inc, we’re your reliable partner, delivering trustworthy Restoration and Cleaning Services that make sure a smarter, cleaner environment – contact us now!

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About Us

Restoring Comfort, One Place at a Time

Dahl Unlimited Inc Restoration and Cleaning Services is your trusted partner, bringing our years of experience to fix things up. We’re good at fixing problems like mold, biohazards, fires, and water damage. We’re also experts at making homes or offices feel like home again.
What makes us special? We care about safety, doing a great job, and making you happy. We use the best methods and tools to make things right. When you need help, choose Dahl Unlimited Inc. We’re all about making your space comfortable and happy again, no matter what happens. Get a free quote today!

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Our Mission: Making Places Better

Our mission at Dahl Unlimited Inc is to fix damaged places and make them safe and welcoming.  We aim to do a really good job and make people happy with the results.

Why Choose Us

Choose Dahl Unlimited Inc Restoration and Cleaning Services for your restoration needs and experience our top-notch expertise and dedication. We’ve made lots of customers happy with our excellent work.

We Do It All: From Mold Remediation and Mold Remediation Testing to Biohazard Cleaning, Fire Restoration, Residential Restoration, and Water Damage Recovery, we’ve got you covered. We make things easy for you.

Trained Experts: Our skilled workers know what they’re doing. Big or small, they can fix things up right.

You’re Important: We care about you. We talk openly, work fast, and make plans that fit you. Our many happy customers show how much we care.

Our Vision

At Dahl Unlimited Inc, imagine a world where all places are clean and safe. We want to be the ones who make places cozy and comfortable, so everyone can enjoy them without worries.

Areas We Serve

Naples, FL

Miami, FL

Coral Springs, FL

Delray, FL

Boynton Beach, FL

Boca Raton, FL


"After a fire in our kitchen, we were devastated. But thanks to Dahl Unlimited Inc, our home looks like new. We can't thank them enough."

Emma Housewife

"Water damage can be overwhelming. Dahl Unlimited Inc's Water Damage service was quick and effective. They made the whole process much easier for us."

Elizabeth Housewife

"Our historic home needed some serious attention. Dahl Unlimited Inc brought back its beauty while keeping its charm intact."

Isla Housewife

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